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Hi Mr. Thompson n Everyone

Well still no hearey on the radio about any of the issues contained in these blogs Mr. Thompson, guess your still protecting the polititians huh! and the water companies and the environment agency and ofwat and the Local Government ombudsman and the chief constable and the first minister, and once again Ming Campbell and Mr. David Cameron have blocked my email. Not so right or honourable huh!

guess they don't give a fig for the mental health sufferers or the elderley or about the ole micro wind turbine or Crazydave being given just a little bit of Kudos Huh!

So today I'll blog the two emails sent ostensibly to the chairman of Cardiff County Council his nearest and dearest, and those in opposition and other places of note.

Here's the first.

To the Chairman of Cardiff County Council

Hello Mr. Berman everybody,

I trust that you have been keeping up to date with the blogs that I have been placing on blogger Mr. berman?

I want to ask you today if you can explain the delay in my receiving a corporate complaint number from council officials. If you ask Judith Woodman you will note that I have been chasing this up for a long time now, longer that what anyone would consider to be Best Practice.

It is unfortunate that I have no Assembly Member that I am aware of willing to act on my behalf in any consistent fashion or my MP doing the same, in fact, if you look into the history of this victimization claim, you will find that in Dec 2005 my MP staff assured me that they would send a letter to the housing office regarding certain accusations against me. As that letter was never forthcoming I did it myself, way back in January of this year 2006.

We are nearly at Dec again and while I have supplied your organisation, the ombudsman and the Police with information likely to back up my claim that the person who made those accusations had not lived at the property for three years. Noone but noone has to my knowledge bothered to get hold of that information.

Now while council officials might like to play their games at my expense, I would like you sir to kick some of them up the backside so that corporate complaint number will be in my email this week. Because the ombudsman as you are only to well aware protects your council in its masinations. You might have a review on why so few County Councillors reply to emails on your e-democracy system Mr. Berman, because precious few have to me.

Good day one and all.
Are we all still proud of ourselves for this continued wilful neglect.

David Gabriel.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

and here is the second

Hello Judith Woodman everybody,

Thank you for your letter dated 14/11/06 I received it yesterday 16/11/06.

I wonder Judith if you had a letter from a council official named LLewellyn that demanded that you remove a screen that you had put up so that you might not have to see so much of neighbours who had continually made your life a misery, especially when their own garden areas are like a rubbish tips.

That following a complaint made by you of victimization by the council because that letter was not the first of this type of thing.

A gas engineer from the council comes to inspect your gas fire, tore off the duck tape that some contractor thought would hold it to the wall

( I have never ever seen the likes of that as a method of fixing gas fires to walls in properties before, but which seems good enough for council tenants)

and that once he had done so had his boss tell him to switch the fire off and hand out a 'don't use this notice' because he won't allow him to re-tape the thing back in place and you find out that his bosses name is Llewellyn you might put two and two together and wonder if they might have the ole Llewellyn vendetta out on crazydave.

That you can write knowing the history of my situation 'all officers, irrespective of any relationship they may or may not have with any other Officer, are expected to deal with tenants and other council customers professionally and objectively' I find remarkable. Given the state of the garden that nu 15 a has allowed to become or will she refuse to verify the cooker n other junk splashed about it.

What I would like to know is 'are they married by any chance?'

I also find it amazing that this letter comes after my 13/11/06 email to Rodney Berman (chairman of CCC) asking could he kick the butts of this HANR Complaints team so that I could have a corporate complaint number.

You say they apparently emailed me for more information on the 5th n 11 of october 06??. I would have thought the blogs sent them were sufficient that and if they looked at the emails to Alison Wood and Mr. Hills and the letters the housing officers sent to me, would be more than enough information, or carn't they think laterally??

But at least I know from your letter that it is the correct email address. The question that I will have to ask is what proof of their sending me emails are there??? that any Police investigation taking place might verify????

All they have to do is email me the Corporate Complaint number do they have a problem with that the title of the complaint is Victimization by council employees. For the record I have no 5th or 11th oct emails in my files. It is only a pity and yet futher evidence of the type of malfeasance I have unfortunately had to suffer that while talking with them as you must have. They could have furnished you with such a corporate complaint number and it could have been included in this letter, or would that have got the ball rolling to soon, after all we all know by now that the LGO will do nothing by way of confirming victimization, infact they will probably carry on in their 'perverting the course of justice' attitude that they have been up to this past few years, eh chief constable.

One final thing, this week the bin men refused to take my black bags. I never applied for the wheeley bins and frankly I don't want them another waste of public money if you ask me. I read the warning notice and all I can gather their refusal must be on the grounds that said bags were outside of any supposed bin, because all the other criteria for rejection which frankly baffled me if they aren't removing any for the reason above, eg split bags, what split bags they aren't in the goddamn bin are they. What I want to know is if the citizens of this city were polled on this issue whether they would have excess bags outside bins refused to be collected. Somehow I very much doubt that, so why oh why are the council issuing such notices and what idiots have allowed the council to issues such notices in the first place.

The council serves as a public servant, that the majority allows it to go its own unaccountable way is up to them. Apparently this last weekend the great and the good were praising those who fought for our freedoms, I wonder if one of those freedoms is the freedom to say NO. No to wheeley bins for one no to register of election forms because I havent the right to tick 'none of the above', and so have the choice to give the local councillors to proud to reply to my emails or to lazy to or to prejudiced to or to what ever to and so represent me at full council meetings or to be of any assistant to this ward member.

Or that I don't want to be on their list and have all sorts of junk mail coming from god alone knows what lets get this sucker in debt company. I Wonder when the chief constable is gonna get her act together crazydave, see the woods and the trees, and send out her force to investigate the claim of victimization, hummm IPCC officials Hmmmm???

Do I have the option of chucking the black bags in the collection vehicle myself Judith, or have I to choose the creative options that are open to me for their disposal. Why is it that they took your green bags the week before crazydave outside of any supposed green bin was it because the council make a little dosh out of recyclable materials but none on the black bag variety?????could be.

Now in an enlightened society you would see the council greedily sucking up the fallen leaves from the trees in the city so that they could add it to the compostable matariel that they collect and where the council might even sell it back to the people at cheaper than garden centre prices and so be more self financing or use it on the beautiful gardens in the city, like on the rose gardens in Roath park for instance so that in the hot summers they retain a little more moisture???

To much light crazydave maybe, maybe not. Now the hanr complaint team are getting a copy of this do you think they have the where with all to act on the information given above, or am I to be jerked around just a little bit more Judith?????

Yours David,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As you will see the ole copy paste didn't quite pick up all the senders of the first and I will retify that shortly. Are these the sort of questions that should be aimed at our councils would the people of Cardiff vote for the excess of black or green bags for that matter to be picked up by the waste collection dept.????? I think that they would, or would you prefer that the Bin Persons left them there Mr. Thompson? If you ask me Mr. Thompson the stickers they have given people with bar codes on them are just the preliminary to attempting to charge per pound or is it Kilo now for all waste removed.

Not that they havent wasted enough council money getting the damnable wheeley bins.

There are other issues to blog to you Mr. Thompson but for today this will surfice. I am fortunate that I have the time to do these emails these blogs Mr. Thompson , but even so every week for the last seven years, and they still give me the run around.

In the next maybe I will revisit the rent revenue account and ask questions of the so called Socialist and once upon a time chairman of the council one Russell Goodway a chartered accountant apparently, who seemed to accept the annomaly of the £30 million in expenditure much like the audit office n the LGO who say that the cration of a balance sheet AS IF IT WERE in the hands of a Housing Association could be MISLEADING.

QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS MR. THOMPSON, and very very very few answers so far.


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